Call for Papers - Abstract Submission

We invite a broad range of proposals for presentations that explore the theme of VIII. Congress of the International Society for Dialectology anf Geolinguistics. Proposals on any topic related to the sub-themes of the conference will be considered. You are requested to consider the following guidelines while writing abstracts. 

First, the template below should be considered for abstract submission.
  • Length - 300 words.
  • Margins - 2.5cm top; 2.5cm bottom; 3.5cm left and 2.5cm right
  • Font – Times New Roman
  • Font size - 12 point
  • Line spacing - single spaced
  • Page numbering – upper right-hand corner
  • Justification - left

The abstracts which do not adhere to the aforementioned aspects of the study and format guidelines are unlikely to be accepted. Send address.