The conference theme will provide a broad platform for the in-depth examination and discussion of a wide range of oral presentations and scientific activities. The conference features research and practices that address the following themes:

    • New methodological and technical approaches to variety linguistics & language geography

    • Interdisciplinary dialectologyNos vemos en Viena!

    • Dialect synthesis

    • Quantitative dialectology

    • Cognitive linguistics and dialectology

    • Dictionaries, atlases

    • Dialect corpora, standards and norms, infrastructure

    • Online dialectology

    • Perceptual dialectology

    • Dialect dynamics between standardization and dialectalization

    • Minority languages, interference phenomena

    • Dialect and culture as well as dialect and cultural studies

    • Dialect and youth language

    • Dialect and media(linguistics)

    • Dialect translation

    • Science intermediation

    • Research reports